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Automated Dynamics

Graphic Design, Public Relations, SEO, and Trade Show Marketing

Project Description

When the marketing team of Automated Dynamics approached our creative team they had one requirement: create print ads that were more reflective of their status as a leading innovator in the field of manufacturing advanced composite structures and high performance composite processing equipment.

Our approach was forward-thinking. To create a look with impact and a design environment that moved the firm drab to daring, we went dark, a stark contrast to the very neutral tan they had used in previous ads. We also simplified the message. Whereas previous ads contained large blocks of content, we steered Automated Dynamics toward focusing on key messages, displayed in a bold and modern type, to create a dramatic effect that would draw the audiences eye.

The ads were met with mixed reviews. Some of the company’s executives felt the new ads were too much of a departure from the previous look. We thought that meant back to the drawing board and toning it down a little. Much to our surprise, the ads ran…and continue to run three years later. Since then we have worked with Automated Dynamics to create banner stands and other marketing materials. We have also provided the firm with public relations support and SEO.

Project Details

  • Client Automated Dynamics
  • Date March 1, 2013
  • Tags Graphic Design, Marketing, Public Relations, SEO, Trade Show Marketing
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