ThinkSquare chat No. 3: Recap social media marketing

Yesterday’s #ThinkSquare chat was very successful. We discussed the benefits and the drawbacks of social media marketing with our followers—like the potential ROI and dealing with negativity.

Our followers felt that social media marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach their target audience. In regards to ROI, our expert Michael Conlin (@michaelpconlin) offered this insight:


When it comes to dealing with negativity in terms of negative comments and/or inappropriate followers, our expert felt it was important to have a response plan intact, and to deal with negative comments quickly and professionally.

One of our followers asked a great question that often affects all brands at one time or another:


Well said @michaelpconlin! It’s important to remember that what is said on social media, stays on social media, and the Internet forever, unless the original poster removes the comment.

We asked our followers how they measure the success of their social media efforts. This was a tough one, as many small businesses are still wary of social media and its payoffs. Our followers had great responses though and we weighed in too:


Overall, our #ThinkSquare chat elicited great conversation. We learned a lot and we hope you did too! We’d like to thank all those who participated—we greatly appreciate your continued support.

Also, we’re always open to suggestions and invite you to reach out to us with comments and concerns via email.

You can find a full transcript of the entire chat here