How simpson square can benefit from social media madness

I had the pleasure of registering Simpson Square in the Social Madness competition, sponsored by Capital One Spark Business. This competition aims to measure the growth of participating companies’ social media presence—on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As a huge fan and active participant in social media, I obviously agreed to our involvement.

However, as a young company, you may be wondering how we can benefit from a competition of such high caliber. Please note that while it would be an honor to win a competition like this, we don’t have intentions of winning. Instead, we see this contest as an opportunity—not only build our social media presence but also to increase our SEO.

As for the benefits…according The Business Review, companies will be ranked based on their social influence, including votes on, LinkedIn Connections, Facebook activity and Twitter followers. Therefore, this competition will give us the opportunity not only to benchmark our current social media presence but also to continually build a strong social media following. Win-Win situation.

In addition, we feel that social media and SEO directly influence each other. Therefore, by generating content about Social Madness and promoting the event via social media, we see this event as a great opportunity to increase our overall SEO presence—besides, a little competition never hurt anyone!

So on that note, good luck to all those participating in Social Madness. And, don’t forget to vote for Simpson Square, beginning June 1, 2012.