Authenticity, in action and words, defines a strong brand; strong design shapes identity

At Simpson Square, we love talking about brand. Many times we do it inadvertently, like when we joke about Giorgio Tsoukalos’ hair–yes, he’s the crazy hair guy from Ancient Aliens. Other times it is more direct, like when we sit down and literally ask the questions: What is brand? What makes a strong brand?Our answer isn’t much different than what others will answer.

Brand is:

  • a personality
  • a relationship
  • an experience

Brand is not:

  •  a logo
  • a design
  • a mandate

The bigger question is this: how do we create brand?

The answer is simple: by being authentic. Brand cannot be faked. It cannot be an organizational imperative. It is not a marketing initiative based on metrics and demographic data. It is a core value, a representation of who you are, what you do, and how you do it. It is about how you treat people, from employees and colleagues to customers, non-customers, vendors, and even competitors.